Sleep is the medicine that soothes and restores the body and mind after a long day of work and play. The body’s internal clock takes cues from the external environment such as sunlight and temperature to induce sleep, with a sleep-and-wake cycle working reasonably harmoniously regular over a 24-hour period. Sleep disturbances disrupt the functioning of many body systems; learning, memory, stamina, general health, and mood are all affected by sleep quantity and quality.

For many people, sleep eludes them or is distinctly affected. In fact, most people experience difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep at some point in their lives. The consequences of poor sleep include obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, just to name a few. Sleep deprivation also affects judgement and mental alertness, among other cognitive tasks. That said, every person is different. One person may be able to function on less sleep, while another person may need a full eight hours.

The good news is that treatment of sleep disorders is rapidly progressing, with new advances developing every month. Andy Cox, clinical hypnotherapist at Assured Effects explains that in most cases sleep disorders can be viewed as a bad habit and like all bad habits can be unlearned and replaced by a good habit.

With Primary Insomnia there is usually some habitual behaviour linked to not being able to sleep based on the belief that it is impossible to sleep. Hypnotherapy for insomnia can alter the deep based belief subconsciously and with some minor behavioural changes can alter the way sleep occurs; after all we need sleep to survive; all animals sleep and hypnotherapy can return the subconscious malfunction back to “normal”.

Sometimes it is easy to believe we do have insomnia, but we are all individuals, consequently some of us need 9 hours, some 5 hours and so on; insomnia becomes a problem when it begins to interfere with our day to day workings; inability to concentrate, irritability, wanting to go to sleep or worrying about what will happen tonight. If we have enough sleep for our bodies we will be able to get on with each day effectively.

Let us help you to re-educate your mind to expect to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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