Using Hypnotherapy to Beat Interview Anxiety

The fear of interviews stops a good number of people performing well at job interviews and in some instances they avoid them completely. In this article, I would like to explain how hypnosis can really make a difference.

Plenty of people suffer from interview nerves. Who wouldn’t be scared at the idea of facing a person (or several people) expecting to judge every word and every achievement?

But what happens when our anxiety cause us to crumble and ultimately hide our best selves at exactly the time we should shine?

Do any of these relate to you when you know you have an interview planned or when you’re in an actual interview?

  • Suddenly you become a quivering wreck and your heart appears like it’s beating at 100 miles an hour.
  • Your palms get sweaty, your voice sounds odd and you cannot string a sentence together.
  • You find your anxiousness gets so high you cancel interviews because you feel sure you will fail.
  • You don’t really feel comfortable explaining your skills and knowledge during the interview.

What is going on for you to feel this way?

There are various reasons why you may be feeling like this. You may have been made redundant in the past, and this has totally knocked your confidence and you actually feel you’re not worthy of another job. Or perhaps you have deep underlying problems that cause you to have low self-esteem and confidence.

Job interview nerves can drastically affect your interview performance, and they can stop you getting a job. If your communication is poor, you don’t represent yourself well and so fail to impress the individual interviewing you. You have to be able to function properly in interviews so you can move up the work ladder to accomplish what you want out of your career.

All isn’t lost; there is a way. What you have to be able to do is eradicate the anxiousness so you can perform at your best.

Here are some of the ways hypnosis can aid you by:

  • Ensuring that you are settled and relaxed in the job interview.
  • Helping you learn how to maintain a high degree of focus during the interview.
  • Helping you to genuinely feel comfortable when conversing with people that are in a position to judge you.
  • Allowing you to actually feel reassured that you have the right stuff for the position.
  • Making you actually feel confident that you are in control.
  • Building a strategy for success that changes how you actually feel about the interview.

What makes hypnosis different is that it aids you to make a change in the subconscious. Therefore, you will be able to target the habits that cause you all the problems you have in interviews. This allows you to put together a self-assured and beneficial attitude towards the process. To sum up, with hypnosis, you can start feeling good about yourself and enjoy the search for a new and better career. Hypnosis will help you achieve your true potential.

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