Hypnosis and Pain Management

Constant and intense pain affects lots of people in the United Kingdom. Here we examine the effects of pain and how hypnotherapeutic approaches will help to control and even conquer the problem.

Pain is a big problem, with an estimated 10 million suffers within the UK alone (which is 20% of the populace!)(1). For some, long term pain is likely to have a major effect on their daily life and can at times be very draining. Pain can come from quite a few sources, including health problems, being injured, medical procedures, and even the stress and strain of life. The use of pain killers can be a great help with pain but frequently they will only go part way in getting rid of the pain for periods of time and many people simply have to live with the pain.

Sad to say for most, it isn’t something that can be easily addressed. The detrimental effects of pain on a person’s life happen irrespective of the cause and they’ve got to be handled daily.

The following are just a few of the effects related to pain:

  • Decrease of or rise in appetite through comfort eating to sidetrack them from the pain.
  • Pain frequently causes disruption to their normal sleep patterns.
  • Stress, melancholy and mood swings due to frequent pain.
  • Emotions and thoughts of hopelessness, reduced self-esteem and self esteem – feeling ‘broken’.

Hypnotherapy could provide help to with pain management.

Pain management is one of the most studied aspects of hypnosis, and hypnotherapy has been shown to be a very productive as well as non-invasive solution to manage pain. If the pain is elevated by anxiety or stress it is thought to be even more helpful. IBS is a classic example of problems that have been shown to be effectively helped by hypnotherapeutic treatments.

Hypnotherapy treatments do not remove pain, but it changes the perception of it as well as the reaction to it. This enables people to proactively take control of their pain levels, which can be very empowering after years of being a slave to pain.

Effectively, you allow your mind to overcome the pain message in a more helpful way. Hypnotherapy could well be the solution you are seeking out. Pain management hypnosis should give you the tools to relax profoundly and significantly modify the way you control your pain.

Andy Cox from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy based in Dorset explained why in their view hypnosis is extremely beneficial at reducing and controlling long term pain, “Hypnosis for pain management works by training clients to self-hypnotise, but I also use it in situ, such as working in a dental surgery whilst the denal work is taking place.”

(1. http://www.britishpainsociety.org/media_faq.htm

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