Conquering workplace stress

Are you harassed at work? You will not be the only person.

It’s usually said that stress doesn’t care who you are, and when it comes to the workplace, stress can affect workers at every level. On this page, we’ll look at how hypnosis can help.

The workplace can be a hotbed for hassle, anxiety and all manner of panic and turmoil, no matter where you are on the career ladder. In fact, a Health and Safety Executive survey for 2013/14 suggested that stress, anxiousness and depressive disorders account for around 39% of all workplace illness. (1)

Are you near the top of the tree, finding yourself affected by difficult staff, achieving targets or the demanding business conditions? Or perhaps you’re an entry level worker struggling to cope with the many layers of management passing down orders to you every single day, pushing you to improve when you really feel you simply cannot complete one task well, let alone several.

There is a good chance that a great many of the staff sickness days are caused directly by stress, while that won’t be the reason offered by the worker. Co-workers may also be suspicious that a person who is absent is simply ‘making it up’, which can then make it far more difficult for the absent employee to come back, building the stress and anxiousness and contributing to the actual problem.

Of course, employers are accountable for creating and fostering a good working atmosphere, but employees also need to feel able to take responsibility for their own stress levels.

Such are the pressures of the modern workplace that a lot of people are likely to carry on until they reach the point of breakdown. They might find they struggle to make decisions, feel tired and fatigued and start to feel withdrawn and panicky at the slightest addition of any pressure or strain put upon them. Performance can then quickly begin to suffer, which creates a vicious circle of stress.

This is where hypnotherapeutic techniques can help. Traditionally modern medicine and therapy tackle the symptoms that they are encountering where as hypnosis will look for and take care of any underlying cause that is creating and maintaining the stress.

More often than not, our ability to succumb to stress is brought on by a trauma or issue that is much deeper than just the surroundings we are presently working or living in.

A hypnotherapist will normally look for any underlying problems and remove or change the effect it is having on the employee’s emotional mind, as well as teaching the staff member how to relax properly. So the techniques used will not only enable the person receiving the hypnotherapy specialist techniques to relieve themselves of stress in their current working environment, but in all areas of their life.

The corporation benefits, the worker benefits and if everybody invested in their mental health in this way, the economy would also benefit from a higher rate of workplace efficiency and a significantly reduced level of employee sick days.

(1) )

Andy Cox from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy based in Dorset explained why in their view hypnotherapy is extremely effective in stopping workplace stress “Hypnotherapy can alter the way we deal with stress by changing the way we “cope”….by removing the “coping” and actively embracing stress as a bodily function. Hypnotherapy for stress will look at the external environment and how that environment is processed; the environment in some circumstances cannot be changed but we can change how we relate to the environment, and rather than “coping” and handicapping we can allow stress to become an asset for accomplishment”.

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