Hypnotherapy and Dating Confidence

Placing oneself out on the dating market can be hard, especially if you have been out of it for a few years. In this blog post we look at lack of dating confidence and how hypnosis may help to increase that confidence long term.

Perhaps you find dating difficult because you have a low self image? Are you still carrying the baggage of prior romantic relationships? Or have you just emerged from a long marriage and been confronted by a lot of technology based dating that you truly feel unequipped to overcome?

But, if you’re looking to form a new relationship, the first thing that’s likely to stop you being open to dating is having low self-esteem or confidence issues.

When your self-confidence is poor, you are more likely to miss dating chances or make excuses – for instance telling yourself you’re still ‘on the rebound’. Of course many people also suffer with a social phobia whenever they go on a date because inside they just don’t genuinely feel good enough.

Generally the first step is seeking help, and that first step is usually the toughest. Hypnotherapy is ideal for resolving confidence and self-worth issues, and this can make a huge difference in your dating success.

Hypnotherapeutic processes are particularly good at letting you re-evaluate your beliefs about youreslf and how others see you, and it is these beliefs that are in most cases at the root of the issue. Hypnotherapy can help you to approach dating from a safe, secure place inside, allowing you to be more open to the love, friendship and companionship surrounding you.

With hypnotherapy techniques, you can:

  • Overcome the adverse reactions of past situations
  • Be more at ease in the company of others, even when they are not well known to you
  • Think about yourself in a different way and believe that you can manage whatever emerges in the middle of a relationship.

To build a new favourable relationship you have to be open to a romantic relationship in the first place. Hypnotherapy solutions may help you approach dating from a safe and secure place, and open your eyes to the opportunities and possibilities surrounding you.

Andy Cox from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy based in Dorset explained why in their view hypnosis is very effective in aiding to enhance self-confidence around dating “Hypnosis is a state of complete deep relaxation as well as focused awareness. Hypnotherapy teaches us how to become more positive about ourselves and works towards creating a better and more impressive self image. This is through training our subconscious mind to throw away the negative feelings and thoughts that our minds are formulating. It also helps with positive reinforcements and suggestions”.

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