Weight Loss Hypnosis

People are now opting to use alternative treatments for numerous health problems, instead of making use of medical intervention and drugs. Being overweight and over eating is now widespread and is causing huge difficulties for the individual and society as a whole.

There are a myriad of diets on the market, each offering miracle cures to weight reduction and reducing our food consumption. There are always lots of claims without much substance.

Lots of people decide to have hypnosis after they have been on a great many different diets and not been successful in slimming down. Hypnosis looks to make changes within the subconscious, which can make a major difference to the way we connect food and weight.

A hypnotherapy programme for weight reduction will consider the many different elements which can all contribute to unnecessary eating and weight problems. Treatment would include analysis on eating habits and patterns that have long been established, in some cases since childhood.

Hypnotherapeutic treatments tend to focus on behavioural change in preference to what is allowed or not allowed. For weight reduction to be effective and long lasting, behavioural change has to occur and virtually all diets don’t tackle this issue because they don’t have any capacity to do it.

Commonly when someone is dieting the body can, and does, decrease the metabolic rate which makes shedding fat even harder simply because you need to consume even less calories to shed unwanted weight successfully.

This is why hypnosis tends to be more effective as it takes into account all the ramifications that dieting entails as well as confronting any issues that may occur. This can include reducing hunger, altering how we think about food, improving the diet and a lot more, yet without the constant battle that most diets frequently create. Hypnotherapy strategies can alter learnt behavioural patterns, negative thought processes linked to detrimental eating styles and supports people in achieving weight control and long term health.

Andy Cox from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy based in Dorset explained why in their view hypnotherapy is extremely effective in stopping inappropriate behaviours and thought around food “As hypnotherapists we believe that if you know what you should be eating and what exercise you should be taking then you don’t need to be educated on what you should eat and what exercise to do to lose weight . All you need is the “how” to make all you know happen. Hypnotherapy simply removes your subconscious programming from getting in the way of your success. And yes we can re-learn to like healthy foods!”.

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