Removing the cannabis habit

There are lots of reasons why people start using cannabis. One such reason is to escape from their problems. Occasionally, it’s a result of long term problems, such as panic, depression, and difficulties relating with friends and family. The fact is that cannabis is able to only distract them from their problems for a small period of time but that stretch of time is usually enough to form a dependency. So just how can marijuana users beat their addiction?

First, we will start with some simple information regarding cannabis. It can be found in numerous different forms and with varying levels of potency. Including forms like cannabis oil, weed, skunk, hash or grass. Even though they come from the same plant it’s the breed and cultivation of the plant can determine its potency. Cannabis can be prepared as a tea or baked into cakes but in the main it is smoked as a joint or pipe.

A great number of people find that the substance assists them to relax, cuts back pain levels and helps them sleep much better. Many people smoke socially which can normally form part of the dependency as the social element of taking the drug is sometimes just as pleasant as the overall effects.

Other effects can include; anxiety attacks, panic attacks, fear, cravings for food, light-headedness, nausea or vomiting, hallucinations, psychosis, and the loss of trust in those around you while under the influence. Plenty of people struggle to quit using cannabis despite the fact that it starts to affect them negatively both physically and mentally. Sadly, it is only at this time that the cannabis user may appreciate they have become dependent.

Also, there are physical effects that come with smoking or eating cannabis. These could include increased high blood pressure, increased pulse rate, permanently restricted fertility in both sexes, permanent problems with short term loss of memory, lack of coordination, lack of balance, and the increased prospect of developing a mental illness.

If you are troubled with a cannabis dependency you may understand every one of these risks, but you may also still end up surrendering to the drug. This is because the dependency takes hold in the psychological levels of mind together with the conscious thinking parts.

Hypnotherapy solutions are a very favourable form of treatment that can assist free you of your dependency. Treatment can differ depending on your situation, so the place to start is to have an initial consultation to evaluate your situation. You will be able to gain control over your reliance and work towards total abstinence. The hypnotherapist is not going to just remove the reliance; they simply help you to change the beliefs about your cannabis use at the subconscious level. Maybe it is time to make a change that can have a real positive effect on your life in so many different ways. Why not take the first step to change and look into hypnotherapy for marijuana dependence today?

Andy Cox from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy based in Dorset said, “Hypnotherapy for addiction works by reprogramming the subconscious mind to change behaviours. This means changing the belief system and changing habits. In effect the client has a new lifestyle. Work is also done on setting realistic targets and goals, as well as enabling the subconscious mind to take on a positive attitude the will to succeed. The work can normally be done in just a few one hour sessions.”

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