Controlling the urge to gamble

Gambling is usually a difficult habit to get rid of, but there is one treatment plan which stands head and shoulders above all the rest because it efficiently deals with the primary root causes supporting the behaviour. It also leaves the person with securely embedded resources to help them manage life, without resorting to the vicious cycle of harmful behaviour which has left them feeling trapped for much too long. Hypnotherapy is not only effective but it is also fast acting.

A great many non-gamblers wonder how some individuals can gamble beyond their means, and if you’re a gambler yourself, you may wonder how to tell if there is a problem. If you find yourself gambling beyond your means or maybe you realise you are defending your gambling behaviour to close friends and family then the chances are you have a gambling problem.

This dependency, generally known as compulsive gambling, creates and exploits flaws and situations in a way that can seem extremely hard to beat. Many assume that problem gambling can become so embedded in the brain that only hypnotherapy has a chance of removing it.

For gamblers, life can quickly become difficult, especially as the loss of money ends up being greater and greater. Normally the social life of a gambler suffers since they’re so wrapped up in the need to gamble that this removes an important stabilising influence.

Many of the most otherwise honest people begin lying and/or hiding their reckless gambling activities from their friends and family. A vicious circle is created as the gambler seeks to recover past losses by gambling progressively more. The gambler will commonly leave important bills unpaid, take a loan from friends and institutions that they can ill afford to repay just to feed this problem behaviour.

As already stated, hypnosis offers an effective remedy to this problem. Hypnotherapy targets the primary situations, beliefs and habits that drive the compulsive gambler’s obsession. Some may be early life trauma, large amounts of stress, a deficiency of confidence, low self-worth and/or a consistently debilitating depression. The gambling behaviour typically cause so much havoc in their life that the gambler has no idea why they went down this destructive path.

Andy Cox from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy based in Dorset explained why in their view hypnotherapy is extremely effective in dealing with gambling, “Hypnotherapy for addiction enables the client to gain control again. Addicts will often feel that they’re out of control so the primary role of treatment is to enable the client to feel empowered again. Work is also done on setting realistic targets and goals, as well as enabling the subconscious mind to take on a positive attitude the will to succeed. The work can normally be done in just a few one hour sessions.”

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