Removing anger effectively

As human beings, we go through a range of feelings each day, and most of the time we are able to keep them in check. However, there are some individuals that battle to control their temper and this affects not only them but their close friends, co-workers and family. Other problems such as stress, panic attacks or even depression can also be linked with anger management problems, but all of these things can be dealt with.

With rage comes a rise in blood pressure level, heart rate and adrenalin production. These significant problems can cause consequences in their everyday lives, and usually these problems can spill into their work as well as relationships with family and friends.

People with anger management problems may go through road rage, violent encounters and, generally speaking, genuinely feel discomfort with everything they encounter. Long term unresolved anger can create a downward spiral resulting in mental health problems such as depression, as well as medical problems such as high blood pressure.

Anger problems can have a wide variety of causes and every person is likely to have individual reasons behind the anger. Typical triggers include bereavement, abuse or frustration, as well as feelings of lack of control, inadequacy, or fear. Hypnosis can treat all of the issues that surround anger management quickly and efficiently.

Making use of hypnosis, the underlying triggers and beliefs maintaining the anger can be handled, and new, more relaxed responses can be invented by the subconscious. Hypnosis should help to make the individual really feel calmer and a lot more relaxed, enabling them to live a normal happier life.

Hypnotherapy helps people to respond in a different way to trigger situations which help to forestall the anger rising in the first place. So the person feels calmer and more relaxed than they would have previously.

And just as removing fuel from a fire stops it spreading; simply by helping the individual to tackle the underlying reasons behind anger can lead to a dramatic enhancement in their social and work lives.

Andy Cox, a proficient hypnotherapist, who works at Assured Effects Hypnotherapy explained, “Anger results from a psychological and biological reaction to an event. The anger response includes an increase in blood pressure, pulse rate, energy levels, mental activity and muscle strength. Hypnotherapy is very effective in dealing with anger management. Once you learn to recognise what triggers your anger, you can look at introducing new behaviours to these triggers.”

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