Beating low confidence

It is normal for our confidence levels to wax and wane during the course of our lifetime but every now and then certain situations cause our confidence levels to fall and remain low. Low self-confidence can make it difficult to cope in a great many areas, including work, social and stressful scenarios. Having low self-worth can also affect confidence in a damaging way i.e. if we feel unhappy about the way we look.

Experiencing low self-confidence can make people worried at times of confrontation and others can perceive them to be quiet and nervous. The crucial thing to recollect is that individuals are not born with low self-confidence. It is a learned response which is generally the result of a bitter disappointment or failure, bullying, or numerous years of critical parenting.

Not only can ongoing low self-confidence damage self-esteem, but it can also lead to a host of other challenges, such as stress, depression and anxious feelings. This is why it’s crucial to seek help straight away if your self-confidence is knocked for a long period of time, as unfavourable thinking patterns can quickly build and get out of hand. Left untreated, low confidence can have a knock-on effect and spread to all areas of life, from our capacity to maintain a job to our capacity to maintain supportive relationships.

There are, however, ways that lack of confidence can be treated fairly easily. That’s because the majority of people with low self-confidence have simply got into a habit of feeling like that. By taking care of the inappropriate behaviours, the low confidence can be treated effectively and people should normally see the results in a short time. As self-confidence begins to improve, this creates a favourable feedback cycle in which improvements in relationships, social and work life begin to fuel confidence at an ever increasing rate.

Hypnotherapy is one form of treatment that will help individuals to achieve a large boost in confidence. It seeks to figure out the primary reason for the feelings of low self-confidence and low self-worth and deal with it.

Hypnosis communicates with the subconscious and alters the belief systems by replacing negative ideas about oneself with beneficial thoughts of high confidence and self-worth. The strategies used by hypnotherapists are intended to gently find any underlying problems, and tackle issues that could have been suppressing your confidence and ability to lead a normal everyday life.

Andy Cox, an expert hypnotherapist, who works at Assured Effects Hypnotherapy explained, “Undergoing hypnosis sessions over a few short weeks with our professional hypnotherapists in Poole and Dorchester, Dorset,  you will immediately see a big difference. You will be more relaxed and calm, at the same time ready to tackle the world with great level of self-confidence. With hypnotherapy, you are assured that your self-confidence as well as self-esteem will be boosted instantly and  that will create immense opportunities in your life “.

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