Beating Social Stress and Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder is a very prevalent form of anxiety. This can impact anyone at any time, giving problems with everyday situations, from going shopping to talking to people over the phone.

Social anxiety can cause quite a few problems within intimate relationships, work and a person’s general quality of life. A great many people with social anxiety difficulties may go through a number of troublesome scenarios such as talking to people, eating or drinking in public, and out shopping to list just a few.

A fear of criticism is in many cases quite notable in this disorder so sufferers frequently avoid circumstances where they might be criticised. People with social anxiety commonly have numerous insecurities and are likely to suffer low self-esteem.

Left untreated, the levels of anxiousness and fear may generalise and heighten until the person begins to undergo panic and anxiety attacks. The stress of recurring social phobia can lead to mental health problems such as depression, and can lead individuals to self-medicate with alcohol or other substances to get away from the feelings of emotional stress.

At this point, they are likely to suffer a breakdown in relationships or friendships and difficulties maintaining work or socialising with others, but also engaging in general day to day tasks like going shopping or even posting a letter.

Evidently, it is a very debilitating disorder if left to increase without check; the great thing is that hypnotherapeutic solutions are very effective at stopping social anxiety at all stages of the condition. Hypnotherapy specialist techniques are able to identify and treat any underlying inappropriate beliefs which were fuelling the feelings of fear and worry.

Hypnotherapy aims to help somebody overcome these emotions and anxieties. Hypnosis works by helping somebody to change their perceptions and feelings about past events and also boosting levels of self esteem and control. Hypnotherapy approaches help the person to eradicate the associated problems and get back to a normal life devoid of social anxiety.

The individual would begin to see considerable changes in numerous areas of their life; for example, by being capable of communicate with others a lot easier and by regaining control of their thoughts and their lifestyle. Intimate relationships, social functions, and general day to day living would no longer pose a problem in their lives, and they are likely to actually feel a sense of confidence and increased self-worth.

Andy Cox, an experienced hypnotherapist, specialising in social anxiety and works at Assured Effects Hypnotherapy explained, “We train our clients in self-hypnosis and teach coping strategies to immediately and effectively combat the symptoms of panic. Furthermore, we train our clients to look for and quash the tell- tale triggers which precede the physiological changes, thus negating the need to ‘calm down’!”

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