What does the term Clinical Hypnotherapy mean?

By utilising a hypnotic approach together with therapeutic tools, a good hypnotherapist can treat quite a number of problems very effectively. To be effective, the client is in most cases guided into a relaxed state, permitting them to increase their internal focus and self-awareness. The subconscious controls our beliefs and resources and by making use of the tool of hypnosis, the hypnotherapist can as a general rule alter, adjust or re-educate those beliefs and resources.

The hypnotic state is a naturally occurring state that everyone experiences within everyday life. Beliefs and behaviours can be changed a lot more easily when hypnosis is used by a skilled hypnotherapist.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a term used to describe advanced methods of hypnosis, which is often used to treat a range of physical or mental health problems, such as arthritic pain, tension and anxiety, or even problem behaviours like smoking and weight loss.

The best thing about hypnosis is that it can be used together with traditional medicine without a negative impact. By doing this, it can create even greater and faster change than most people would imagine. Other treatments that work well with hypnosis are cognitive, psychological and behavioural therapies. We can use the information we have about the issue and the knowledge of how hypnotherapy approaches work with the mind to produce enduring change.

Why people choose hypnosis can vary greatly and the type and length of treatment can depend on the person concerned. To illustrate, to gain an insight into an issue that has stemmed from past events analytical methods are sometimes used, however suggestion therapy maybe more appropriate in other circumstances. In some cases, the customer finds it too challenging to relive experiences from the past. A competent clinical hypnotherapist is thus trained to be flexible in their approach.

The idea that the individual loses control during the hypnosis session is a myth, as any inappropriate suggestions that go contrary to the client’s morals will be rejected by the subconscious. Clients remain safe, in control and aware at all times. To encourage successful treatment, a competent hypnotherapist will always create a comfortable environment for the client.

There are various issues or conditions that can greatly benefit from clinical hypnotherapeutic tactics. Cigarette smoking, drinking, grief, self-worth, phobias, relationship problems, tension and anxiety, insomnia and numerous other negative behaviours and problems can be helped. Clinical hypnotherapy is believed to be successful in treating a high percentage of people with the issues specified above.

Because clinical hypnotherapy strategies utilise a wide range of therapies and techniques it has a lot of tools in its tool box enabling a skilled hypnotherapist to adapt to whatever the problem presents.

Andy Cox, an experienced hypnotherapist, who practices from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy in Dorset explained, “Hypnosis is about states of awareness, or alertness. The best way to work with the mind is in an altered state to the usual “got to get this done…and that done” state. Being in a hypnotic trance is very much like daydreaming or meditation. Most people naturally go in and out of hypnosis every day without even thinking about it.”

“Have you ever found yourself absorbed in a book or watching TV, chatting with friends or loved ones – where time seems to fly by? Or perhaps you’ve been in a boring meeting where every minute seemed like an hour; or remember back when you were a child that night before Christmas or going on holiday when time seemed like forever?”

“These are different “trance” states. We go into a trance state every time we are engrossed in an activity. We go into the relaxed “trance” state (which we use in hypnosis) twice a day; drifting off to sleep and waking from sleep – that feeling when you don’t really want to open your eyes and can’t believe the alarm is sounding ..already.”

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