Using Hypnotherapy Solutions to Help Teenagers

As if dealing with the hormonal and bodily transformations wasn’t enough to deal with, teenagers normally suffer pressure to succeed at school as well as the social worries that comes with the transition to adulthood. As a result, countless youngsters find this one of the most challenging periods of their life. The large number of factors teenagers typically face can result in feelings of inadequacy, low confidence and low self-worth.

While their thoughts may not be as fully developed as an adult, young adults can still suffer the misery of stress or panic attacks and this can come to the surface in many ways. When adolescents start to have major problems with friends and family or start to become forgetful, irritable or frustrated this could be a sign that they’re experiencing feelings of panic and anxiety and/or symptoms of depression. As well as emotional symptoms, they may also present a range of physical symptoms including stomach upsets, tiredness and even hair loss.

Prolonged periods of anxiety and stress can be very emotionally draining, and this can bring about a drop in performance at high school. This, in turn raises the amount of pressure and panic attacks experienced by the individual, fuelling the matter. Unchecked, these prolonged feelings of stress and anxious feelings can escalate into stress related coping behaviours, such as phobias like agoraphobia, eating disorders, and other self-destructive habits such as cigarette smoking, drug taking and self harm.

As adults, you can actually forget how difficult the teenage years can be, and there’s a tendency to write off teenage issues as ‘part of growing up’. So it’s pretty important to recall that, from their frame of reference, the problems they undergo can be just as severe as those experienced by adults. These could include suffering with bullies, fear of exams or school work, revision problems and elevated pressure from all areas of their life, especially from parents.

Despite the fact that young people can be remarkably strong, early treatment to stop issues escalating is more often than not better than waiting until they reach crisis point. Any outside pressures ought to be removed or at least mitigated wherever possible, there should be a good support structure in place and the internal thought processes need to be addressed. Quite possibly the most effective treatment options is hypnotherapy, which could help to alleviate quite a few of the pressures felt by teenagers.

Hypnotherapy works by changing the feelings and thoughts associated with certain situations within the subconscious mind. It tackles the underlying factors that form the basis for more serious problems being created. This might be critical parents or brothers and sisters, alcohol or drug related issues in the household, bullying at high school or even some sort of abuse.

Young adults can learn incredibly fast, and just a few hours of hypnotherapy can teach them how to take back control of their life and feel self-assured. Hypnotherapy helps a teenager to adapt to their ever shifting world and to contend with their workload more effectively.

As a result, they not only take care of their current troubles, but are, by and large, far more resilient when they move into adulthood.

Andy Cox is a fully qualified member of The International Society of Paediatric Hypnotherapists.

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