Creating confidence with hypnotherapy

As a modern society, we are becoming increasingly isolated as we converse ever more through personal computers and less and less via face to face interactions. As a hypnotherapist I’m now seeing more people that are sliding in to a remote way of life.

We need to realise that we are not using our verbal skills when we employ remote communication methods and if our kids grow up using them they might not learn them in the first place. Apps like Facetime and Skype are better as at least we are seeing some of the visual cues, but you simply cannot beat a chat over a cup tea or coffee to hone your skills.

So where will it end if we are losing conversational skills and possibly not learning them in the first place? People without these skills can truly feel remote and is not prepared to meet the needs of a social occasion; things like parties, meetings and weddings turn into a real challenge.

Nevertheless, social media issues are just making a current problem much worse.

A large proportion of clients I see want extra confidence in scenarios where they may become the main attraction. Mainly, they are fearful that they might do or say something that will make them look daft and be judged accordingly. Generally, their answer is to steer clear of the spotlight and thereby make sure they do not end up being the centre of attention.

This can be a common problem and can be helped with hypnotherapy. Nonetheless, helping people to really feel more assured for a short time just offers a brief solution. The actual reason for the problem has to be dealt with before this issue can be fixed long term.

It is all very well to condemn our present society, but often a lessening of self-confidence has its roots in past conditioning from critical parents or partners, intimidation or being ridiculed at school. By confronting these past events we will be able to prepare the individual for a beneficial change in the way they genuinely feel. As soon as the power of these old events has been completely removed the customer is ready for a rise in self-confidence. Then we can proceed to the next stage of the therapy.

There are certainly limitations to what a hypnotherapist is able to do.

As a hypnotherapist, part of this treatment solution is to assist the client to enter more social circumstances to help them expand their confidence naturally. As the client generates these new social connections, the hypnotherapist will enable them to feel far more assured in those scenarios. It may just be signing up for a local meetup – the type of social gathering does not matter as long as there is an interaction with real people. The critical element is to stay open and reactive to others within the room.

Within this process, we will be helping the individual to feel assured and calm. This allows them to steadily build their confidence on the solid foundations that we have already prepared. As a result the individual builds the sustained transformation that they came to see the hypnotherapist for.

Andy Cox, a professional hypnotherapist, from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy has been helping people in and around Dorset recover their confidence for the last 9 years.

For more information contact Andy on 07951 159111.

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