Could you get slimmer making use of hypnotherapy?

Andy Cox from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy uses hypnotherapy for weight loss with clients in Dorset and shares some insights into the positives and negatives of losing weight with hypnotherapy.

When thinking about undergoing hypnosis as being an option for weight loss, it is essential to think about these pro’s and con’s in order that you make an informed decision before going forward.

The bad things

Hypnotherapy has received plenty of bad press in the past. However, when thinking of the word hypnotherapy you immediately think of cheap ‘Butlins’ entertainers seeking volunteers to come up to the stage and make fools of themselves while in a ‘deep deep sleep’. Contemporary hypnosis is in no way connected to this entertainment.

The practice of hypnotherapy isn’t government regulated. Even though there are guidelines most reputable practitioners abide by in the profession, some individuals steer away from these and don’t provide a high quality service.

It’s not certain that hypnotherapy will work for you. In order to have hypnotherapy you must already have a deep will to change and possess some belief in the hypnotherapy practise. The part of the mind most important to the therapy is the subconscious, you must be willing to make this available to the hypnotherapist. Starting hypnotherapy with a negative mental attitude is only going to hinder your chance of success and close your mind off to the techniques being employed to help you.

The good things

There’s a huge amount of research studies that suggest long term weight reduction can be achieved by making use of weight loss hypnotherapy. Individuals were assessed on weight loss success with traditional programmes (exercising and calorie restriction etc) and lifestyle change with hypnotherapy. The long term results of the scientific studies demonstrated hypnotherapy assisted individuals keep the weight off long term far more than those with just a change in diet and exercise.

Whilst you can’t put a value on long term improved health and fitness, hypnotherapy is often a inexpensive alternative option to a lot of weight loss methods. Spending money on surgical treatment can be very costly, not to mention the additional expense from any complications you might have. Regretfully, some people can suffer reduced quality of life through ill health after surgical treatments, or even lose their life. While the surgical treatment may be free on the NHS, the money for each and every procedure needs to come from somewhere and the pot is getting smaller with the demand for weight loss treatments growing daily. A stretched service which is already under rapidly growing pressure. Even when taking into consideration the basics, hypnotherapy definitely comes out less costly than years of faddy diet recipes and unused slimming club subscriptions.

Weight loss hypnotherapy is a long lasting solution. Because hypnotherapy deals with the deeply ingrained behaviour patterns and thought processes, you should keep the weight off long after your course has concluded. With a bit of luck, you will still experience the positive outcomes of hypnotherapy for a lifetime.

So, can hypnotherapy work for weight loss? Only those who have encountered the amazing results can let you know for sure. However, research indicates the reasons not to give it a try are much weaker in comparison to the reasons to give it a go.

Assured Effects hypnotherapy offer Clinical Hypnotherapy in Poole, Dorchester, and Wimborne, Dorset; Specialising in confidence, anxiety, stress, insomnia, weight control, phobias, and smoking cessation. Fully qualified & insured, 9 years experience working with over 1,500 clients.

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