Hypnotherapy for claustrophobia may unlock the confined spaces

Becoming affected by claustrophobia can seriously impact an individual’s daily life. Andy Cox from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy supplies a method to ensure permanent transformation by making use of a hypnotic approach.

Once you’re claustrophobic you feel a significant amount of stress in relation to the fear of enclosed spaces and/or being trapped without any means to escape.

Claustrophobia could be felt by any individual at any time and comes in many forms and a lot of levels of severity. A number of us are uneasy in enclosed or small places, many people experience panic at the thought of a circumstance they pinpoint as causing them to feel claustrophobic.

This is a common affliction and contains the ability to lower sufferer’s way of life drastically. If you give some thought to the many circumstances one might encounter that could come to be claustrophobic, it’s very an overwhelming notion. In addition to the avoidance of airplanes or maybe lifts, some people, experience claustrophobia in crowds of people, when simply being hugged or even when having on tight fitting clothing.

Claustrophobia is a phobia that can have a harmful influence on a person’s quality of life.

If an upsetting experience happens in a constricted area, we do not always recognise that it has affected us until finally we’re in a very similar circumstance and discover ourselves becoming panicky. When you experience negative circumstances the subconscious remember the emotions on a profound level, so whenever we find ourselves in another similar position, all those inner thoughts tend to be repeated.

There may be another issue attached to virtually any anxiety, the fear of your fear. When you’re conscious a specific thing is likely to lead to the claustrophobia, you’ll experience anxiousness about it before it happens, and so the reaction to the trigger turns out to be inevitable.

These types of responses become habitual behaviours and become deeply ingrained in the subconscious. This means we attempt to consciously cope with a situation that is being repeated on lower level of our mind. The subconscious is much more powerful compared to conscious mind so it typically override conscious thought processes.

Many people hope to free themselves of the phobia, but not just for their own reasons but for their loved ones also. Children are pretty aware of parental behaviour, and phobias are commonly handed down from mum or dad to kids.

The leading method implemented in hypnotherapy to free a person of claustrophobia is hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) combined. The mixture of subconscious (hypnotherapy) and conscious (NLP) therapies supplement each other and create a two pronged process of getting rid of the phobia.

A hypnotic approach lets you work through your subconscious mind, in time finding the primary reason behind your claustrophobia. If you are in a position to determine the primary trigger, it’s possible to investigate it and in the end conquer it permanently. If you are within a hypnotic relaxation you have the possibility to obtain a higher state of consciousness and access your subconscious mind, the hypnotherapist makes it possible to achieve this.

NLP examines your thought processes, your communication plus the patterns pertaining to your feelings and behaviour. The actual concept is the fact that specific therapy approaches help you to establish and reprogramme habitual responses and thought processes and the way you respond to them mentally.

Right after receiving this treatment a person’s anxiety will have already been dealt with, and they will start to enjoy life without being stricken by claustrophobia ever again.

Fears are quite possibly the most common mental health issues treated by hypnotherapists.

Andy Cox, a skilled professional hypnotherapist from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy, said “Hypnotherapy can help phobic responses diminish by removing the irrational fear; it may be that you don’t ever embrace snakes but running away screaming is the less preferable option!2

“Hypnotherapy will address the origin of the fear in the subconscious and work with that fear and experience to make the outlook to the phobia calmer with you in control. Inevitably after time fear of the fear can be created such as worrying about the reaction-what if I scream, cry, wet myself? The fear of the fear can be simply removed by feeling in control of the situation, once the neural pathways have changed reaction to the original phobia completely transforms.”.

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