Spread the news: Summer is finally here & we have a Special Offer to celebrate…

The sun is finally shining! However, you think you’re not summer dress ready and you’re considering a “crash diet.” Don’t!

Dieting doesn’t work and here are the top 5 reasons why…..

1. People who diet don’t lose weight in a way that lasts!

This is because when we diet we experience short-term weight loss, which usually lasts no more than six months. Then this is followed by weight regain – usually more weight is gained than was lost. Hypnotherapy breaks this cycle by tackling the underlying causes and changes behaviour for good.

2. Dieting disrupts our natural body processes.

When we lose wight rapidly we put our bodies in a stressed unnatural state. The body’s reaction is  to defend itself by stopping weight loss and does this by decreasing metabolism, heart rate, temperature, and sexual function, as well as intellectual, emotional, and social activity. Hypnotherapy weight control does not stress the body – on the contrary it is relaxed and weight loss is gradual and easy.

3. Dieting can lead to eating disorders.

Most experts agree that the high rate of eating disorders, especially amongst the young is due in part to high numbers of people restricting food and becoming chronic dieters.

4. Dieting causes food preoccupation.

Unfortunately when we diet we spend a great deal of time thinking about food and eating. This “drive to eat” when food is limited is believed to be a survival trait against starvation. Hypnotherapy for weight control helps us to think of food in a natural, healthy way again – and food can be enjoyed not feared.

5. Dieting leads to chaotic eating patterns such as binge eating.

Dieting by definition disrupts normal eating. When we diet we override internal signals of hunger thus there can be confusion as to when we are hungry or when we are full. Hypnotherapy for weight control allows us to subconsciously pursue a natural eating pattern in which food and mealtimes no longer become the focal points of our days.

So throughout July and August, Assured Effects Hypnotherapy are offering hypnotherapy sessions for just £50 (normally £75) to help you on your way to getting fitter, healthier and into that summer dress you’ve always wanted to wear! What are you waiting for…

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