Breaking News: Throughout July and August Hypnotherapy sessions just £50 (normally £75)

Binge drinking – a subject most of us have seen in the news reports.

If you have not heard the term ‘binge drinking’ you must be living on another planet as it is so frequently in the news. It’s very likely that you have experienced one or more times in your life, an evening out involving a dance in the gutter or being violently ill following a few too many.

We live in a rather stressed world, each of us with ever more busy lives and a growing want to leave behind all the pressures. It isn’t a mystery why people turn to beer in current times: visit any town on a Saturday evening and you’ll be in the middle of people letting off steam and having fun. The Drink offers are becoming more and more competitive as bars contend for business. It’s a fun evening out, right – what’s the issue?

What exactly defines ‘binge drinking’?

You are most probably surprised to know that consuming just a few of glasses of wine qualifies you as a binge drinker. The NHS class binge drinking as drinking over two large glasses of wine in a brief period of time. Consequently more people are binge drinking than they probably realise. Hypnotherapy can assist those who regularly binge drink at get togethers or on an evening out. It will also help when you are turning that post dinner drink into two or three. A hypnotherapist should not judge you or label you, but if you’re concerned that you are a binge drinker they may help you cut down or cut alcohol out completely. Hypnosis will help you build the strength to turn down drinks or replace them with soft drinks.

Do you really need to change?

If you are concerned about your alcohol consumption, you are probably at the point where you should seek help and advice. If you know you are a binge drinker and feel you could or should cut down, this is also when you should seek help and advice if you feel unable to accomplish this alone.

Lots of people end up spending a lot of their hard earned money on a weekend drinking session when that money could be saved towards a holiday or other pleasures. You simply have to cut a few drinks out of the equation to add up exactly how much you could save over a year. There are 52 weeks in the year, if you go out every weekend and cut out 3 drinks at £3.50 a time you save £546 for that year.

And what about the impact on our body? We all know the dangers but we don’t always consider them with regards to ourselves and our own health. It’s also worth contemplating your binge drinking on a day to day basis. It’s in some cases only when we cut down that we become aware just how much time we used to spend hungover!

Try not to beat yourself up over how much you are drinking; you should feel good for seeking to make a positive change. Hypnotherapy for binge drinking can be used to enable you to make the change most beneficial to you and your everyday life – removing alcohol altogether, switching out some drinks with some other non-alcoholic drink or just having the self-discipline to stop drinking earlier on nights out. You’re the key to your own success, hypnotherapy is simply an aid to helping you to unlock your own potential and decide on an improved path forward.

If you consider that you are binge drinking why not contact Andy Cox today and take the first steps towards a better and happier lifestyle.

Andy Cox a seasoned hypnotherapist that specialises in problem behaviours, said ” Every year hundreds of people in Dorset are enjoying the benefits of hypnosis. Many have overcome alcohol addiction with the help of self hypnosis or hypnotherapy with a hypnotist. Hypnotherapy is specifically tailored to help people to subconsciously stop the addiction in a comfortable and safe manner. Just imagine what would life be if you can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and full of life? Stopping the addiction to alcohol allows you to do your daily routine easily and become much more productive. You can manage anxiety and stress without having to resort to alcohol. While it may seem impossible to attend parties or social events without drinking alcohol, you can and WILL do – easily. “

Andy Cox from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy is well qualified and has many years of knowledge of treating problem behaviours such as alcohol using hypnotherapy approaches within their clinic situated in Dorset.

So throughout July and August, Assured Effects Hypnotherapy are offering hypnotherapy sessions for just £50 (normally £75) to help you on your way to taking control of your drinking habits and getting fitter and healthier! What are you waiting for…

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