Sizzling Summer Offer-Hypnotherapy sessions £50 (normally £75) throughout July & August!

Helping people with low self-confidence by using hypnotherapy approaches.

Confidence is how we view our own capacity to get something done. Low self-confidence is when you view your abilities to achieve or develop skills as being very low. Confidence is similar but not the same as self-image which relates to our view of ourselves. Hypnosis can be used to help us find out what has caused these factors and help us learn how to address them too.

Precisely why do individuals need self confidence?

Every area of our lives is affected by confidence. It has an effect on how we deal with speaking in public or even just how we talk to a friend one to one. We need this skill to allow us to take chances we may otherwise ignore. We need to feel equipped and able to progress in everyday life. Low confidence can cause us to become shy, to become self aware and bashful socially. You may find yourself turning away good job opportunities simply because you believe you are unable to do the job.

Just why might we have very low self confidence?

Developing low confidence could be due to one particular traumatic event that might have made you feel insecure about your capabilities. It might have come from a damaging childhood, where siblings or people at school made you feel unable to achieve. Lots of people find their self confidence crippled without even realising it has taken place. A few unpleasant events can take their toll: perhaps after being let go at work and a number of job rejections you have found yourself doubting your strengths or avoiding business opportunities that you would have formerly jumped at. From time to time we simply don’t understand how much life can affect us and how these negative feelings can stop us attaining our full potential. Now and then a person just needs help seeing the set of skills they have and how to utilise it – there may be no hidden psychological trauma.

Continual self doubting, problems speaking confidently, avoidance of certain scenarios (as a result of fear of feeling embarrassed), disregarding or not identifying your own needs and disregarding beneficial opportunities (for no apparent reason) are all signs that you might have low self confidence.

Is there something you can do about it?

You undoubtedly can. The first step is ascertaining the root cause. Hypnotherapy deals with the conscious and the subconscious which means however deep the issue is or however complicated, it can be found and ultimately dealt with. There are a great number of options for someone struggling with this problem; the first step is getting some help. It can be pretty devastating to live this way, to know you are the principal cause of your lack of progress. It is not all doom and gloom though; simply identifying this fact is also extremely positive. When your mind is the only problem it is quite likely that you can deal with that and progress very quickly.

Andy Cox, an established hypnotherapist specialising in low confidence, said “Hypnotherapy teaches us how to become more positive about ourselves and works towards creating a better and more impressive self image. This is through training our subconscious mind to throw way with the negative feelings and thoughts that our minds are formulating. It also works with positive reinforcements and suggestions over a short period of time. Undergoing hypnosis sessions over a few short weeks will bring an immediate difference to your life. You will be more relaxed and calm at the same time ready to tackle the world with a great level of self-confidence.  With hypnotherapy, you are assured that your self-confidence as well as self-esteem will be boosted instantly and  that will create immense opportunities in your life.”

Andy Cox from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy is well qualified and has numerous years of working experience of treating low self confidence using a hypnotic approach under their belt. They have been utilising hypnosis to treat poor confidence within their practice operating out of Dorset.

Most people struggling with this issue are looking for help. Hypnosis could be the solution you need – if you find yourself relating to the symptoms referred to in this article you should think about speaking with Andy right away and with our Summer Special Offer of £50 per session (normally £75), the time couldn’t be better. Don’t you deserve to reach your full potential?

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