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Sleeping well is a necessity – 6-8 hours is the ideal amount that we need to allow us to operate properly. If we lose one single night of sleep, we can generally recover in only a few days, but long term reduced sleep is just not so easy to overcome.

Lack of sleep affects the sleep of millions worldwide. The worst part of this condition may be the fact that regularly there is no particular reason for the sleep loss itself. Your bed feels good, it’s tranquil, you’re cosy and warm and you don’t actually feel anxious, but for some reason you simply are unable to rest. A hypnotic approach for sleeping disorders could help you to finally get some sleep.

So what exactly is Insomnia?

While we are experiencing poor quality sleep or no sleep at all, even if there is nothing stopping us doing so, we are experiencing insomnia. It is where we haven’t had the chance to rest, leaving us feeling flat and lackluster.

Signs of sleep disorders can be: difficulty getting to sleep, problems sleeping at all, awakening early in the morning, waking up throughout the night, disturbed or restless sleep, finding daily function difficult because of tiredness, mood swings and low concentration in the day because of reduced sleep.

There are traditionally very simple reasons for insomnia. Emotional stress and panic are major causes of this sort of condition. These issues present themselves in our conscious and subconscious so this means we have both regions of our mind battling against us each and every time we try to rest.

Most of us have had to tackle a busy and restless mind when we hit the sack, where all the day’s issues are spinning around showing no signs of stopping. A lot of people end up dropping off to sleep through mental exhaustion.

On a long term basis, panic or anxiety can get through to the deepest sections of our mind. Some sufferers begin losing sleep when they go through anxiety attacks in the night without recognising what is happening to them. Every now and then panic or anxiety is absorbed by the mind without us realising it, until we experience insomnia type symptoms down the road.

If we become aware that we are having problems sleeping, we can every now and then start a vicious cycle because we fear going to sleep. Without the ability to control these symptoms, a person can become distressed, fatigued and frustrated.

Even when practising familiar techniques, such as ‘pushing worries aside’ before bed by writing them on a notepad or telling your partner what you are worried about, we are only combating the forefront of our mind – the conscious. This means the largest portion of mind – the subconscious mind isn’t dealt with and so the symptoms may continue despite your best efforts.

A hypnotic approach for sleeping disorders will allow you to find the actual causes and overcome them. Hypnotherapy empowers you, offering you access to the most powerful part of your mind, handling the problems within and ultimately reprogramming it to work with you, instead of against you.

Andy Cox, a qualified hypnotherapist from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy, said “Sometimes it is easy to believe we do have insomnia, but we are all individuals consequently some of us need 9 hours, some 5 hours and so on; insomnia becomes a problem when it begins to interfere with our day to day workings; inability to concentrate, irritability wanting to go to sleep or worrying about what will happen tonight. If we have enough sleep for our bodies we will be able to get on with each day effectively. ”.

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So why not take advantage of our Summer Special Offer of £50 per session (normally £75) during July and August and get yourself a good nights sleep!

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