Did you know that a hypnotic approach is a fantastic aid for golfers wanting to raise their game? And with our sizzling summer offer you could get your hole in one sooner than you think!

Throughout July and August we are discounting hypnosis sessions to £50 (normally £75)

Position and swing are commonly the very first thing golfers look at when learning how to play golf. Before you can swing a golf iron, you need to learn how to hold the hands, position your feet, position your shoulders and so on. As with numerous sports, you master the strategy, master the physical skills and then learn how to ‘psyche up’ and focus on the task in hand. The sport of golf is a game that will need a strong mind and rewards tenacity. Golf is enjoyed by the masses because it is played outside and requires much less physical exertion than other sports activities. This means that golf is inclusive of all shapes and forms. That isn’t to say everybody can be good at it, however. Golf is a precise sport with a lot riding on small actions and adjustments. Mental agility is essential because there is so much concentration required.

The reason why a hypnotic approach is an effective tool for golfers is that it taps into the most beneficial section of the mind for sports people – the subconscious.

The conscious mind is resourceful, decisive and abstract. Yet it’s only able to process a few views or actions at a time and it is incredibly limited in its processing power. The subconscious mind is basically the key to all that you do. All of those actions you do without thinking, how you breathe, walk and blink without consciously choosing to, this is all down to your subconscious.

When we’re young and learning how to speak, stand and understand more about our environment, it is only the massive processing power of the subconscious mind that allows us to efficiently take in and use all that information so we can continue to thrive and learn. The subconscious mind is unlimited; it uses our past encounters to allow us to function today and continue to take in more information allowing us to move onward and advance. It is also very underused; usually people use their conscious in an attempt to achieve things – repeating details over and over until it ‘sticks’. But as everybody knows, this can be a time consuming way of learning.

We are designed to learn new things and apply that information. The brain comes into its own when both the conscious and subconscious are in tune and have a targeted objective. You store your habits within your subconscious mind – if you have ever broken an unsatisfactory habit you might remember how strong the desire was to repeat the habit so much that you did not feel in charge because your mind is so formidable. That is the power behind your subconscious. It should not be underrated.

If you’re able to access this part of the mind and sow a favourable seed for adjustment, you might accomplish much more than you imagined you could. The very basics of hypnosis are in teaching self awareness and relaxation. Most people can benefit from these skills. With certain targets and goals prioritised, the subconscious could be what stands between second and first place, winning or losing.

A hypnotic approach to improve golfing technique might be the key to your success.

And with our special offer of hypnotherapy sessions of £50 (normally £75) during July and August, you too can find some help with hypnotherapy and start enjoying being successful! Are you ready?

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