“Addiction is a strong, uncontrollable need to take drugs, drink alcohol or carry out a particular activity such as gambling” – NHS website

What is an addiction?

An addiction is a harmful relationship to an activity, behaviour, or product. It may end up being obsessive, moreover compulsive, and is thereby thought to be unmanageable by the person. It commonly gives rise to distressing impacts.

List of common addictions include:
Alcohol addiction, Nicotine addiction, Cocaine addiction, Opiates addiction, Heroin addiction, Methadone addiction, Caffeine addiction, Steroid addiction, Sleeping pills addiction, Prescription drugs addiction, Sex & Love addiction, Pornography addiction, Food addiction, Gambling addiction, Work addiction, Shopping addiction.

Is it just a habit, a dependency or am I an addict?

Addictions are rather dissimilar to day to day habits because the individual struggling with addiction is compelled to carry out a behaviour that could be damaging. Addictions likewise stand apart a great deal from dependencies as addictions are predominantly psychological not physiological, subsequently therapy by hypnosis is an especially effective solution.

Addictions can range from Internet use to shopping, from alcohol to pornography.

Most addictive behaviours are underpinned by strong beliefs…. when you change the beliefs the behaviours change.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy for addiction makes it possible for the client to achieve control once more. Addicts are inclined to believe that they’re unable to cope, therefore, a crucial part of therapy is to make it possible for the person being treated to feel empowered again.

Hypnotherapy for addiction works by way of reprogramming the subconscious mind to modify behaviours. Consequently this involves updating the belief system and transforming routines. Essentially the client possesses a fresh way of living.

How long will it take?

Work is additionally undertaken on setting up attainable goals and milestones, as well as facilitating the subconscious mind to assume a confident outlook – that they will be successful.  The work can more often than not be done in just a few one hour sessions.

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