Alcohol Addiction

“It is hard to understand addiction unless you have experienced it”- Ken Hensley

Alcohol addiction or dependence?

Many individuals suffer from alcohol dependence and find it hard to acknowledge their problem, and the result is that the addiction remains undetected for many years. But, for many  who accept their problem have controlled their addiction and rebuild their lives with the right help and support.  Often times, medication alone is not enough to combat alcohol dependence. Hypnotherapy is very quick treatment and usually only requires just 3 or 4 sessions.

Alcohol and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a rapid remedy to stopping alcohol addiction. Hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction is a way of providing your brain a head start in the process of breaking the habit and wanting to staying sober.  Hypnosis therapy can help the subconscious mind to rewrite beliefs as well as conquering impulses to drinking alcohol. Hypnosis also helps lessen the urge to use alcohol as a means to relax, or to remove tension or escape from problems. This allows the person to become much more able to deal with stopping or reducing their drinking and dealing with life more effectively.

“Over 24% of people in England consume alcohol in a way that’s harmful or potentially harmful to their health and wellbeing” – NHS website

Steps to Overcome Alcohol Addiction Using Hypnosis

The initial step to overcoming alcohol abuse is to accept that you can do it. The moment that you realize you can stop or control your drinking at all times, you can begin the battle against the addiction. If you cannot find the courage to decline the temptation of getting sober, just think of the things that you could lose if you fall deeply into the addiction. When will you stop- if you lose property such as your car, your house, or even lose your family?  

The  next step is to tackle the emotional problems that causes you to drink alcohol. Alcohol abuse may be a physical problem, but there is something in your mind that tells you to do it.  Determining the cause of the addiction is extremely important if you want to regain the life that you had when you’re not yet addicted to alcohol.

Every year hundreds of people in Dorset are enjoying the benefits of hypnosis. Many have overcome alcohol addiction with the help of self hypnosis or hypnotherapy with a hypnotist. Hypnotherapy is specifically tailored to help people to subconsciously stop the addiction in a comfortable and safe manner. Just imagine what would life be if you can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and full of life? Stopping the addiction to alcohol allows you to do your daily routine easily and become much more productive. You can manage anxiety and stress without having to resort to alcohol. While it may seem impossible to attend parties or social events without drinking alcohol, you can and WILL do – easily.

I have no desire to drink compulsively any more. Hypnosis is relaxing and enjoyable. Sarah

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