Nearly everyone has problems sleeping at some point in their life.
It is thought that a third of people in the UK have bouts of insomnia.

Hypnotherapy can help combat insomnia in Weymouth and Dorchester.

Do you have difficulty sleeping? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep or keep asleep? Then it is likely you are suffering with insomnia.

Insomnia is difficulty to sleep or disturbed sleep. This can be shown in several ways; not being able to get to sleep, waking too early in the morning; waking during the night and can be a direct result of life events; shift working, stressful situations (or excitement!), medication or physical necessity. Insomnia can occur for no apparent environmental reason. Insomnia can occur at any stage of life, at any age, but it is more likely to occur as we get older – it is estimated that a third of people in the UK at one point or another suffer with bouts of insomnia.

Insomniacs are four times more likely to suffer from relationship problems.
Insomniacs are 3 times more likely to have difficulties concentrating.
Insomniacs are twice as likely to have energy slumps.

Poor sleep quality is caused by the individual not reaching stage 3 or delta sleep which has restorative properties. Hypnosis can help you achieve this state.

Hypnosis translated from Greek (Hypnos) means ‘to sleep’

In most cases insomnia can be viewed as a bad habit and like all bad habits can be unlearned and replaced by a good habit.

With Primary Insomnia there is usually some habitual behaviour linked to not being able to sleep based on the belief that it is impossible to sleep- Hypnotherapy for insomnia can alter the deep based belief subconsciously and with some minor behavioural changes can alter the way sleep occurs; after all we need sleep to survive; all animals sleep and hypnotherapy can return the subconscious malfunction back to “normal”.

How can hypnotherapy help? 

Hypnotherapy for insomnia can be about learning to relax, however, ultimately hypnotherapy is about changing the belief; subconsciously. Insomniacs can worry during hypnosis that they may fall asleep- hypnosis is an altered trance state where work is executed mentally and although it does involve a relaxation of sorts, the aim is to enable sleep that is normal and natural which meaning night, in bed!

How much sleep do we need? Sometimes it is easy to believe we do have insomnia, but we are all individuals consequently some of us need 9 hours, some 5 hours and so on; insomnia becomes a problem when it begins to interfere with our day to day workings; inability to concentrate, irritability wanting to go to sleep or worrying about what will happen tonight. If we have enough sleep for our bodies we will be able to get on with each day effectively.

Let us help you to re-educate your mind to expect to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Thank you very much for the email. I have been sleeping very well! It’s great! Forgot what it was like to sleep! The mp3’s all work fine and are all uploaded onto my ipod ready to take away.I will let you know how I’m getting on and will make it my aim to get into better eating habits for when I return so I have some good news for you!Thanks for all your help… so far I am more than impressed! Will definitely be recommending you,  Shelley

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