Nail Biting

It is thought that that around 30% of all children, and 15% of adults bite their nails on a regular  basis

Why do we nail bite?

Hypnotherapy has been obtaining increasing acceptance as one of the effective cures for compulsive behaviours and different types of addiction such as nail biting.  Nail biting is primarily perpetuated as sub conscious behaviour maintained by certain involuntary repetitions of the same actions. It is a well-known habit that is very difficult for the sufferer to deal with.  For many people, nail biting and poor self-esteem and self confidence go hand and hand and serve as troublesome adversaries.

Why is it so difficult to stop?

Nail biting starts as a harmless and casual pastime during the early childhood. It is a very simple activity that provides gratification without the need to spend  money and is self-contained since it can be executed as a solitary activity to provide comfort without external help.or resources. But, doing this for a long period of time, the behaviour becomes irresistible and addictive. For much of the time It doesn’t provide the individual with any sensation and may just cause irritation, pain associated with ridicule and embarrassment.  And often there is no realisation that the suffer is engaged in nail biting activity. They develop and maintain the habit without focusing on the negative effects at the time.

“To change a habit, make a conscious decision, then act out the new behaviour.” – Maxwell Maltz

Using Hypnotherapy to stop nail biting

Nail biting is always a subconsious (not conscious!) activity – ie we bite our nails against our conscious will. Hypnotherapy is athe application of technique and pschological approach  to help you stop nail biting. The use of hypnosis through positive suggestions bypasses the conscious mind and reprogrammes the sub-conscious mind – where the habit lies.

Hypnotherapy for nail biting enables the client to gain control again. Hynotherapy for nail biting is about gaining control again and braking the habit.  In simple cases this just means re-programming the subconscious mind with the habit of not biting your nails. It may involve collapsing underlying anxieties also. When we bite our nails we often feel we’re out of control so the primary role of treatment is to enable the client to feel empowered again.

It is surprisingly quick to change a habit of a lifetime like nail-biting.  Work is normally done in just 2 or 3 one hour sessions. Not only is the habit of nail biting banished but self-esteem is improved as the sufferer no longer feels embarrassment about the state of their hands and feels confident to show their hands in public again.

“I’ve learned to be kind to myself, which changes everything, all the outlook at the world and myself.  I’ve stopped biting my nails, the habit I’ve had for 26 years, which is amazing and really great.  I found myself disgusted by biting my nails. I would not put it in or even near my mouth now!” – Anna

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