Panic Attacks

Hypnotherapy can help a person deal with panic attacks and anxiety disorders very effectively

Panic attacks happen out of the blue!

But do they? Research shows it’s what you think that changes what you feel.

What are Panic Attacks?

Panic attacks are the consequence of a combination of fear, anxiety and apprehension. They occur suddenly and can last for a variable period of time, but most peak within ten minutes as the body just cannot continue to sustain such a high level of alert, the remaining time is about the body and mind calming down to a functional level.

Living with Panic Attacks can be consistently draining and eventually our lives become smaller in defence, fear of the fear itself can then develop adding layer upon layer to anxiety and creating such a complex mix that the original source of the panic attack can be lost.

What can occur secondary to the fear of the fear of Panic Attacks can be loss of appetite leading to not eating in anticipation of an “attack” and not sleeping due to the worry. Both changes weaken the body’s defence allowing anxiety and Panic Attacks to become reinforced in an ever decreasing negative cycle

When you suffer with panic attacks it often seems as though there is no way out…

What are the symptoms of Panic Attacks?

All symptoms do not have to be present there may be just one or two that may occur – but to the uncontrollable extreme.

  • trembling, sweating, shaking
  • racing heartbeat
  • difficulty breathing, feeling as though you ‘can’t get enough air’
  • paralysing terror
  • dizziness, light-headedness or nausea
  • choking, chest pains
  • tingling in fingers or toes (‘pins and needles’)
  • fear that you’re going to go crazy or are about to die

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can “untangle” all the aspects of what is occurring in order to find the source of the behaviour…even if that source is a constant buildup of events, a one off situation or the collision of differing beliefs. Using hypnosis, NLP and re-framing, the Panic Attack can be altered easily and simply.  

Take for example saying the term Panic Attack… If you are sitting in the sun, eyes closed and someone says, “Don’t panic…” automatically the brain looks for reasons why it should or could panic, a similar dynamic with attack- attack is what happens to us; our subconscious believes we have no control, for example a heart attack.

Putting the two words together immediately heightens the subconscious because it believes something is about to happen to it that it cannot control. However “A wave of emotion” means EXACTLY the same behaviour – this term suggests it can be manageable.

I am more balanced, love relaxing mp3 i received. I feel better, and learnt a lot how to treat panic. It was a fantastic solution, which can help anyone to rid off some bad habits. Bernadett

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