Sports Performance

Aiming for the flag requires concentration and belief – it is conscious.
Swinging the golf club should not. Allow your subconscious to work for you.

Let winning become a habit again

YOU WANT TO WIN….or do you? If not, why not?… Is there something stopping you? Sports performance hypnotherapy is about WINNING.

You have trained hard, you have pushed your muscles to their maximum capacity…and then some but somewhere along the line you’ve taken a few hits and doubt is creeping in- Don’t let it be the master of you…you are a winner. The subconscious mind wants to protect, wants to keep us safe from harm…physical and mental harm; maybe protecting the body from hurting or the mind from being embarrassed or criticized. The desire to win gets beaten down inside the mind before the body even gets a look in , so all the physical preparation and training in the world will not compete against the mind.

Hypnotherapy for sports performance is about winning by getting rid of the old, useless beliefs that create doubts in the mind. Hypnotherapy paves the way for a new more focused more determined outlook, hypnotherapy creates the mental agility of a WINNER.

“Most games are lost, not won.” ~ Casey Stengel

Hypnotherapy enables you to make the winning changes

The golf Yips – A common term (fear) amongst golfers which is a nervous disorder that turns a putting stroke into a twitch or a jerk and can destroy a players’ ability to putt. We can develop the “Yips” with any sport; the intensity of training hard plus the pressure of wanting to win can cause the brain to panic and the subconscious kicks into defence action; protecting us from succeeding and therefore keeping us from being in this situation again. Hypnotherapy for sports performance can address both the pressure and the defence and can create through positive imagery and auto suggestion the desire to WIN.

Sports performance hypnotherapy (SPH) can also increase the desire to train; to want to work out harder and faster through “the Wall” that stops us from going any further with exercise.

Whether the wall is because we cannot take the intensity of training any more or whether we just can’t face getting off the sofa on a wet and windy Monday evening, SPH can get us moving and give us the tools to break free from “the Wall”.  Find out more today by talking to a qualified therapist free of charge.

I am now back playing darts in my regular league. I am not quite back up to my previous standard yet but I am working my way there. I reached a cup final in my first season back and managed to avoid relegation after a tough start to the season. I still use the techniques now from the audio downloads. They help to relax, unwind and refreshen my confidence in my ability during times I am not playing at my best. Gary

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