Stop Smoking

70% of smokers want to stop smoking.
And three quarters of all smokers have tried to quit at some point in the past.

With hypnotherapy for smoking cessation all you need to do is to WANT to stop. Hypnotherapy changes lifestyle- what we do day to day without thinking.

Tired of being a smoker?

That little voice nagging louder and louder saying I’ve got to quit, maybe coughing in the morning saying I must give up…. after this packet, this cigarette. There is never a right time to stop smoking, but there is always a right time to start being free, that time is now.

Hypnotherapy is NOT a magic pill.

Realistically you need will power, if only the tiniest bit. Hypnotherapy can however, strengthen and increase that will power leaving you determined to never smoke again; imagine that freedom.

We also know that to smoke and be a smoker there has to be will power- will power to smoke through the sickness and colds, will power to smoke outside in the rain, will power to smoke even though the kids are disappointed. One of the reasons why hypnotherapy is one of the most successful ways for stopping smoking is just that simple; Your Will Power, your determination will work for YOU.

“Quitting” or “giving up” implies we are losing something we want to keep. Choosing to stop is about taking back health, control and freedom.

An age old problem?

80% Of smokers start the habit in their teens; a best friend, a boy, a girl, looking cool. It’s easy to start smoking as a teen, death is a long way away, and looking cool is way more important. What’s the reason to smoke now? Surely at 40 it doesn’t look quite so clever?

Hypnotherapy addresses the reasons why we are dependent on cigarettes and why we smoked in the first place. Our bodies want to be clear of the smoking poisons; hypnotherapy de-clutters the mind of the old, stagnant beliefs so the body can be clean, and the mind determined to succeed. Hypnotherapy is statistically one of the most successful ways to stop smoking and break free. We work with a one off session for you to completely stop. Hypnotherapy increases the WANT to get rid of cigarettes; get them gone…forever.

How can hypnotherapy help?

The kettle boils, the switch flicks off, and just like that we think, time for a cigarette.

Hypnotherapy breaks down our subconscious associations with smoking. Every day we go through processes that link to reinforcing the smoking behaviour through repetition, after all the more we practise the easier it gets. Why not choose to practise a new, cleaner, clearer way of living with no desire to smoke and every desire to be free?

Dear Andy, I thought I must let you know that we are nearly at the 4 week point and I have no thoughts of smoking whatsoever. Thank you thank you Andy, I wish that I had known you when my Mum was alive as I know you could have helped her. Apart from the obvious massive financial savings, I no longer cough in the mornings like an old sailor (not ladylike) and have no pains and wheezing in my chest. I am becoming a total bore in recommending you, you are a genius. Carolyn

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