Success Stories

Dear Andy, Thanks so much for all the help you gave me, I really felt confident and proud when giving my speech. Everyone loved it too including the wife! Thanks again, Mike  Public Speaking

I was extremely anxious about having surgery, as well as having issues with my self esteem. I was able to have major surgery without having a total meltdown and feel that my anxiety problems are slowly being sorted out!   Laura  Anxiety

For the task I charged you with – facilitating an anxiety-free build-up to the holiday, journey and arrival – I am pleased to report that I followed instructions to the letter and you scored 100%. If anything, I was a bit too relaxed!!!! Avril  Fear of Flying

Hi Andy  Thank you very much for all your help. It made such a difference in my life. I’m very happy person now and turn my anxiety into excitement. Thanks again  Anna  Anxiety

I am no longer a smoker. The hypnosis gave me the belief I could control the desire to smoke. Dave  Smoking

I’ve learned to be kind to myself, which changes everything, all the outlook at the world and myself.  I’ve stopped biting my nails, the habit I’ve had for 26 years, which is amazing and really great.  I found myself disgusted by biting my nails. I would not put it in or even near my mouth now Anna  Nail Biting

I am sleeping like a baby and not putting so much pressure on myself. Alison  Insomnia

I’m calmer and happier. I still experience the same circumstances but now I feel I can cope, and as a result, they are less of an issue. Tom  Anxiety

NLP for confidence issues, understanding empathy and changing behaviour. Undoubtedly, Andy’s professionalism, kindness and calm delivery has helped to embed these ideas as well provide a positive people-oriented role model. Sally  Confidence

I look at people smoking with a kind of distain… I have nothing against them as people but I don’t understand why they want to hold that thing between their fingers. Jon  Smoking

I no longer smoke, I have improved self esteem as a result, I feel healthier, I now do running and go to the gym, I have started a new relationship after many years on my own.  Bridget  Smoking

I am not a skilled public speaker – but now the idea of doing it doesn’t fill me with dread. Patrick  Public Speaking

I have regained my form and my confidence. John  Confidence

It was all very useful, however the first session which helped with sleep was probably the best to start off with as it helped me to relax.  I am going out more, I am doing new things, even doing a new job.  I reached treatment goals and more!  John Insomnia

I was concern about my ability to be hypnotised and whether it would work, whether i could control things. It felt completely natural i was in complete control and would recommend it to anyone. Karen  Relaxation

hi just reporting in have lost 18lbs up to date and would like to say thank -you very much for your help will update with a picture as and when – Sandy Weight

Just have to write and tell you that after 23 years of NOT being able to fly after just two sessions with you I have just returned from the most awesome holiday in the algarve. I am a new woman and cannot believe that after weeks of sleepless nights and bouts of pure panic that I would be loving the take off the landing and taking photos of the most beautiful views and fluffy clouds lol. I’ve just booked the next holiday so once again a massive thank you for setting me free…..Shirley valentine here I come lol.   Gail  Fear of Flying

Thank you very much for the email. I have been sleeping very well! It’s great! Forgot what it was like to sleep! The mp3’s all work fine and are all uploaded onto my ipod ready to take away.I will let you know how I’m getting on and will make it my aim to get into better eating habits for when I return so I have some good news for you! Thanks for all your help… so far I am more than impressed! Will definitely be recommending you,  Shelley  Fear of Flying

Hi andy!…had the best holiday! flights were brilliant! i was calming my mum and friend down lol. had a few iffy moments but nothing bad! went better than i could ever have imagined!! really didnt want to come home!…:) thank you for your help….and would be good to talk about motivation and goals. Many thanks, Sarah  Fear of Flying

Thanks for your help, am completely back on track with diet and exercise. Lu  Weight

I feel so much more positive and in control now, I’m actually looking forward to the challenge of my weight loss as I know I will do it this time. …. Just as i was feeling a little disheartened, after the odd slip up ! Today i got into a pair of  trousers for work that ive not been able to wear in ages …… woo hoo,  heres to the next size down and goodbye ‘fat clothes’ !! Just the encouragement needed !  Lorraine  Weight

Thought you might like a little feedback after my gastric band ‘op’ yesterday.  I ate very little at the party last night and didn’t feel any worse for it and had a breakfast of egg and mushrooms this morning.  The interesting bit was I gave myself a small prawn cocktail and crackers at lunch which was lovely until I ate a handful of nuts afterwards. Now I feel overly full and a little sick so I won’t be doing that again!  Jenny   Gastric Band

Thank you so much for helping me turn my life around. And for being with me when I took the first steps down the “Right” path. Sally  Weight

I am continuing to follow the approach steps you talked me through and am beginning to see the results which is really encouraging me.  Have to be honest I don’t remember the last time I was hungry!! – so THANK YOU!!  Dan  Weight

Thank you, thank you, thank you …I had a great trip over to Oz and Hong Kong airport was a breeze, went for a wander and had a couple of glasses of shiraz. Landed on Wednesday morning showered and came into the office.. and so far no jet lag. I am so calm about things that I am off into Adelaide both Saturday and Sunday on sightseeing tours.. booked a flight to Sydney next weekend to do some more sights ON MY OWN which I would never have done without your help. Also off to Brisbane next Monday and arranged to head back to Melbourne a day before my flight back so I can check out the city and do some more sightseeing. Thank you again. You are a life saver ! Karen  Fear of Flying

Just wanted to let you know that it has now been exactly 4 weeks since you successfully turned my ‘switch’ to the off position! Cannot tell you how wonderful it is, after 2 to 3 decades of misery, to no longer be obsessed with food. To sit down hungry and really enjoy every meal is an absolute delight. There are chocolates in the house and I dont give them a second thought, I dont have the slightest desire to open the box let alone hoover the lot up! Thank you so very very much for your help and for turning me back into a normal human being! Sincere thanks. Carol  Weight

Hello Mr Andy Cox, Frist of all happy new year and I hope you had good break on Christmas. I don’t think you will remember me, I came to visit you for stop smoking on 24/1/13 at 9.30.  On that day I wasn’t sure that the hypnotherapy will work  .. but when we talked it made me more relaxed and especially when you talked about your self which made me feel that  you understand how I feel and how it is difficult to stop…. also more importantly I wasn’t judged .  With your help and support I haven’t smoked at all – and I am proud this year to be able to send you a letter to let you know that it is one year now. You  changed  my thoughts that I can cope with problems with out cigarettes .  I wish one day the government spend more money to advertise about drug abuse compared to frivolous programs like come dance with stars or lots of game shows. My husband and my family and my self want to thank you and we are appreciated for what you done.  Best wishes Sara  Smoking

I don’t feel as much anxiety when approaching situations when I have to speak; it feels more natural to hold a conversation. Thanks very much for your help – it’s made a big difference to me. Daniel  Confidence

Confidence in particular situations which has been fantastic for my overall well-being. Deeply relaxing and very positive. Jonathan  Confidence

Hi Andy!  Just thought I would send a quick email to say my interview day went well and thank you so so so much for your help towards it!! I’m sure I will be in touch again soon as your work has been incredibly helpful for all aspects of my life.  Thank you so much and I hope you have a good end to the week,Laura  Confidence

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know, I returned from my holiday yesterday after 2 very long flights with NO ANXIETY!! I was feeling a little anxious before the first and then we had a 4 hour delay on the runway before takeoff – which was such a set back, I had one funny moment, I played the track below and within 5 minutes, I was asleep. On the return flight, I was a little anxious before, however the minute I boarded, I was fine, I even slept 5 hours, which has just never ever happened. The holiday was absolutely perfect, and it would have been tainted without your help!  I can’t thank you enough, my husband will be in touch soon to book some sessions for himself and a work colleague will also be in touch regarding their anxiety. I can’t stop recommending you 🙂  Thanks again 🙂  Laura  Fear of Flying

More rational approach to food. I seem to have gone off sugar, and no longer snack, Very relaxing. Rebecca  Weight

Hi Andy,   Suffice to say I considered service excellent. Hypnosis was a new concept and I value the ability to be able to relax as demonstrated and the tracks supplied.  For me of far more significance was the CBT and conscious discussion. I really have benefitted from the various support mechanisms and the ability to put things in perspective. To be able to look forward with real  positivity instead of apprehension..Hope this helps…Phil  Anxiety

Giving up smoking has made me feel better health wise and also saved me a lot of money. Very calming and works great. Margaret  Smoking

I am able to switch off and relax more easily. I enjoyed it – it’s surprising how much your body and mind easily relax and open up. It leaves you with a feeling of total calmness. Dawn  Anxiety

Thanks for everything again, i got back from Barcelona on Saturday night and slept right through till late Sunday. I had so much fun and loved all of it! I didn’t get sick once and felt really positive about the travelling, its the least anxious I’ve ever been and hopefully it will stay that way forever more. I can express my gratitude enough, thank you so much!! Jake  Fear of Flying

I flew on 4 planes the longest flight being 13.5 hrs with no fear, no panic! I was just bored. Andy is a fantastic hypnotherapist his manner calmed me and actually enabled me to look forward to the trip! Andy most definitely stopped my fear of flying. The worlds my oyster now:) I can’t recommend him enough!:) The hypnosis was very very relaxing I came away from each session relaxed and feeling renewed. Tracy  Fear of Flying

I feel as if a weight came off my shoulders – it really was quite amazing the difference. I felt so worried all the time before I had the hypnotherapy and it was such a relief when that stopped. And I have recommended it as an anxiety treatment to a few other people. It was not what I expected! But as well as helping me to sort my anxiety out, it also taught me to sit still and just *be* again. Martha  Anxiety

Relaxing and empowering. Michelle  Relaxation

I did the smoking session in June and although I have not listened to the audio since the day of the session I have not smoked since that day! The gastric is still early days yet but from the 1st session you will notice changes in the way you eat to how much you eat. You become more aware of what and how you eat, you also are able to overcome temptation on some of the things you are not suppose to be eating. For the virtue operation I didn’t feel like I had an operation but my appetite has gone down and I am not able to eat large portions.  Although I can’t say that I remember much of the hypnotherapy I can say that it works because a lot of the underlying issues that I was dealing with I am slowing overcoming it, and my will power at times amazes me!!! Suezayne  Gastric Band

I am more balanced, love relaxing mp3 i received. I feel better, and learnt a lot how to treat panic. It was a fantastic solution, which can help anyone to rid off some bad habits. Bernadett  Anxiety

Changed my gambling habit. I have not gambled at all. I not thinking about gambling at all. Francois  Gambling

Relaxing, inspiring and comforting, Fiona  Relaxation

Apart from the fact that I haven’t smoked for over 6 months its the fact that I haven’t even wanted to which has been so good. Best money I’ve ever spent.Sophie  Smoking

I deal with stress a lot better, so experience less physical symptoms as a side effect. Through relaxation I’ve significantly improved my anxiety, and have created a more positive outlook on life. Andy had a huge role to play, and for that I will always be grateful. I appreciated learning techniques to be able to take control of my emotions and behaviour. And everything Andy helped me with, I have used ever since. It was great for relaxation, and I liked the visualisation part of it. I found the more therapeutic part of the sessions for helpful for my particular problems. Hayley  Anxiety

Tranquil. A soothing oblivion. Theo. Relaxation

It was all useful as each session allowed me to bring up issues triggered by the previous session and culminated in my self acceptance. I particularly appreciated the therapist’s ability to adapt to my needs. I am at peace with myself and am much less bothered by the tinnitus in my right ear. It allowed me to release mental blockages and I felt it was tailored to me as an individual. I found it relaxing and comforting. Michele  Tinnitus

I am calmer and use the CD when I feel a little “on edge” or cant sleep. my wedding day was amazing and I can now go in lifts without even thinking about it. Very relaxing, calming and refreshing. Lisa  Fear of Lifts

More relaxed, less stressed, less affected by stress, more confident. Stopped ‘control freak’ attitude that had prevented relaxing before. Josh Anxiety

Andy helped me overcome my fear of doing a long haul flight to Australia. I flew to Australia didn’t panic and really enjoyed my trip. I felt my sessions with Andy were great. I was able to relax completely. Tracy  Fear of Flying

I am no Olympic skier (yet), and can definitely do with the lessons to improve, but my confidence has increased one hundred fold!  Thank you so much for all your help!  On a separate note, I have also started your ‘preparation for sleep’ top tips, and it was working well last week.  The weekend away obviously didn’t help, but I’ll be back on track this week. Anon.  Skiing

Dealing with travel sickness – at the time i felt confident to travel and it opened up the world to me for the first time, i wasn’t afraid any more. Its over half a year ago that I went but i remember feeling completely great about travelling  I feel it might have passed if i were to go away again but i feel better about future trips and i still have the audio which i listened to on the plane journeys and that really put me at ease. At first hypnosis was quite strange to me as i have never done that before but it felt really relaxing and enjoyable by the end. Jake  Fear of Flying

I would recommend to anyone who is fed up of dieting. I have a far healthier relationship with food. Even though not about the numbers; 2 stone lost in 4 months. The most wonderful peaceful & soothing experience that was just about me and nobody else. More relaxing than a massage! Anon.  Weight

Just to let you know, the Spanish exam last Tuesday went well! I managed to stay calm and confident throughout the exam and stayed completely in control of my nerves. My teacher asked me a few really tricky questions but hopefully I have still done well. Thank you so much for all your help, it’s made such a difference and hopefully the hypnotherapy will help me with my nerves in all my other exams too. Anon.  Exam nerves

Relaxing and de-stressing. Christine  Relaxation

The most useful tips we covered for me were the relaxation tips. I still use the sleep tape a couple of times a week. So thank you. I have a lot more patience as I’m a lot more relaxed. A lovely way to relax and a great technique to use not just in the sessions but in everyday life. Johannah  Relaxation

Just wanted to share the good news with you that I got an A in my Spanish Oral exam!!!! I got my A level results last Thursday and I was so delighted. Thank you so much for helping me achieve such a high grade, especially when I had been struggling with it for so long. Now I have got into my first choice university.  Anon  Exam nerves

I feel much more confident and in control. Very relaxing and successful. Jane  Confidence

Andy all i can say is your brilliant and a genius i had a flying phobia back in 2012 i overcome it and managed Australia on my own for 4 weeks. I called you back as i gained a driving phobia when living on Portland Dorset you don’t need a phobia of the one road on and off the island but I did and had it for over a year, very frustrating and I had always been a confident driver i am sure having babies had something to do with it. Having to commute everyday with partner was easy as he drove bit then i got made redundant. I managed to secure a new role but the dreaded word i would have to drive. Andy came over after a 2 hour session i did the drive harrowing as it was I have successfully conquered that road and more and i thank you Andy for getting my driving back on track in fact you are a life changer if anyone who has this phobia wants to speak to me Andy has my email . Karen  Driving

Difficult to pick one aspect as every minute out of 4 sessions was so helpful and rewarding. I’m able to remember what we talked about and put things in a different context to how I was actually interpreting things previously. I’m able to choose happiness at my level as opposed to others idea of what my happiness should be. And best of all is I don’t feel guilty for it.  The hypnosis was incredible and so non invasive. I was not keen on the idea of hypnosis but never once feel asleep or under a trance. I was awake and conscious throughout and Andy was so professional and yet felt I had know and trusted him all my life. Nick  Self-esteem

I managed to take a flight without needing valium and kept much much calmer than I thought was possible. Hannah Fear of Flying

My head no longer races the trying to work out a solution the analysing it, then trying to work out another solution and doing the same over and over and over. I can switch it off now. I am calmer and have had the strength to move on in my life. I am not sure that it has changed my behaviour as a rule but I often listen to the download when experiencing stress. I could listen to your stories for hours and found the solutions and coping mechanisms that you described better than those given to me by my counsellor! My first session made me feel mellow – like I had just had a lovely massage.    Emma  Anxiety

Thanks for your help during the most difficult stages, was a huge help. Take care,  Best regards, Barry  Anxiety

I am now back playing darts in my regular league. I am not quite back up to my previous standard yet but I am working my way there. I reached a cup final in my first season back and managed to avoid relegation after a tough start to the season. I still use the techniques now from the audio downloads. They help to relax, unwind and refreshen my confidence in my ability during times I am not playing at my best. Gary  Darts

My son now has no worries of vomiting. After going through a nasty virus he was constantly worried he would vomit and ended up associating this with eating meat. After his session he is no longer having these problems and has returned to his healthy eating habits. I couldn’t have asked for more. I feel that it worked great.  Anon  Children

Hi Andy, Thanks soooooo much. He continues to use the tracks not every day but at least once a week which he finds helpful. Thanks to all concerned he  is coping remarkably. and looks brilliant . Kind Regards Karen  Dental Phobia

I can honestly say Andy was brilliant and 1 year to the day I have no cravings and feel like I never smoked (15+yrs). Thanks Andy and I would fully recommend this to anyone considering stopping.. Simon  Smoking

Andy taught me how to focus my mind onto what is really important. I used his recording on my flight to New York and found it really helped me not to panic!I realise that I can get through a flight and therefore go anywhere I want to. Very calm and relaxing, I would have liked to have more time under hypnosis. Linda. Fear of Flying

Thank you so much for all your work with me. I really feel much more positive about how I feel about myself, what I value and how that relates to the future for myself and with the people who matter to me. Kind regards, Jes  Self-esteem

I continue to listen to the tracks and feel as though I now have a foundation on which to build. The hypnosis was engaging, therapeutic, effective.  Katie Self-esteem

Going through strategies to reignite positive thinking – I keep a journal and write 3 golden nuggets at the end of the day and 3 for the next day. For me, I found this very useful as we are creatures of habit and I started to feel more positive. Reinforcing that it is normal to feel sad, hurt, lose confidence in oneself. But that feeling is transient and can be changed if we change the way we approach the sadness. Also, that the subconscious mind is powerful and plays such an important part in influencing the conscious mind. Consolidating and relaxing. I liked that it occurred at the end of our discussions as a way of consolidating and reflecting (in a relaxed meditative state) topics discussed. Ruth  Relationships

Andy, thank you so much for the session today. It really helped me see what’s been going on from a different perspective. The discussion has prompted better mindfulness on my part and I can tell the difference already. I’ve printed your email to read over for a few days, to really let my mind take it all in and digest it (better than a treat!). I’m grateful for the extra effort you put in, thank you. I’m off to listen to the audio now…. I’ll let you know how things go over the next few days. I predict great things! All the best Claire  Weight

Afternoon Andrew just a quick update still not had the need or feeling for any thing sweet so thank you. And to let you know a friend bought banana cake for my son .my daughter woke up and saw it in the kitchen and took in on herself to hide it LOL thought it was funny. Have a good week I’ll keep you updated  –Paulette  Addiction Sugar

Just wanted to give you the heads up that not only am I back but the flight was a pleasure and I was even looking forward to flying back!!! You were fantastic for me and really helped me achieve my dream – Rob  Fear of Flying

I cannot thank you enough! Because of the work we did, I was finally able to relax and enjoy a holiday without the anxiety and stress of past years. We were located right in the middle of a jungle setting and there were birds aplenty both within the grounds and yes even in the restaurant!  This year however was totally different for me as I was able to stay calm and remain sitting without the need to run, by the end of the two weeks I was hardly even noticing them. My husband and friends were totally amazed, I could sense that they were waiting for me to panic and when this didnt happen they too were able to relax more which was a pleasure for us all! – Paula  Fear of Birds

Since seeing you I have been feeling less anxious and generally more positive The hypnosis was pleasant, relaxing.  Aggie  Anxiety

Just wanted to give you the heads up that not only am I back but the flight was a pleasure and I was even looking forward to flying back!!! You were fantastic for me and really helped me achieve my dream. Got to the playboy mansion gates at least! If you need anything from me or want to use my case for any similar patients, be my guest. I’ll send you some inspirational pictures if you need em. I have lots. Thanks again fella. Rob Fear of Flying

Thanks for giving me back my confidence. I can now play darts to a reasonable standard. Getting better by the day, thank you. The hypnosis was relaxing ….. I felt this was the part I enjoyed the most. Jules  Darts

I benefited from re evaluating where my attitudes to food came from. im more in control. The hypnosis was surreal and calming. Tracy Weight

I am more aware of my stress triggers and can use strategies given to me to address the situation. I now feel more able to control my emotions in life situations. Jessica  Anxiety

Very effective, I was skeptical but I found it excellent as relaxation and changing my mind. J on  Nail Biting

On my recent visit to Florida I managed to get into a Rollercoaster with my family. The hypnosis was not as you see on the TV, very relaxing and calm.Karen  Phobia

I found it useful having access to the recordings to reinforce the experience of the sessions with you. I felt calmer, less concerned and more relaxed before and during the flights. Better than I was expecting. The hypnosis made me more able to relax easy and feel confident with myself. Dot Fear of Flying

Dear Andy, I hope all is well with you.  We are all very well here.  It is our wedding anniversary party this Saturday…..and I AM WEARING MY WEDDING DRESS!  How great is that.  Thank you so much for all your amazing work.  You are truly brilliant. Emma  Weight

I found it useful changing my mindset from horror movie to Disney movie. To be calm collected, and confident. How to change your anxiety from fear to excitement. My mindset changing from horror movie to Disney movie. How you can do anything to change your thoughts just by thinking about it in a different way. Very cool. I loved how it puts you in a different trance.puts my mind at ease and in a relaxed place to then think about the worries I’ve been having. Seanna  Anxiety

Hi Andy, Just a quick note to say that it’s been over two years now. I had a slight wobble on a stag do 6 weeks later, but beyond that I haven’t ever wanted a cigarette! Best £160 I’ve ever spent! Thank you very much! Matt  Smoking

My first flight after our sessions was to Amsterdam. It’s a very short flight and as it was an early morning flight I didn’t have a drink. I didn’t feel anxious about the flight before hand, as we took off I looked for the anxious feeling in my stomach and I couldn’t find it! I felt fine all through the flight. A couple of weeks later I flew to Dublin, it was very windy when we came into land and I’m not going to lie I did feel slightly funny, but I closed my eyes and took a couple of deep breathes and repeated ‘calm, controlled, confident’ and I felt much better. As I write this email I am flying back to London from Edinburgh! I want to say thank you! I honestly feel the sessions not only helped my flying but also at work. As I prepped for my interviews I listened to the recording and it helped me through a very intense time. Thank you!  Katy  Fear of Flying

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