Hypnotherapy for anxiety in Dorchester and Weymouth….
Anxiety interferes with the normal life of one in 10 people in the UK

There is a huge difference between knowing you have an anxiety problem and resolving it. Conscious awareness does not bring about change.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety can be that feeling of fear we physically and mentally feel when faced with threatening and sometimes unfamiliar situations. Anxiety can be a useful tool to aid us to work more effectively or to help us avoid dangerous situations. A little anxiety can be useful, however this can also tip out of control.

When things become too much.

Contrary to what we imagine, there is only so much we can take when it comes to anxiety. We can be in control most of the time and it is only when some additional anxiety comes that we reach tipping point and suddenly we find ourselves behaving in ways we would never have imagined. We notice that our body is behaving in unusual ways. Our subconscious is there to protect us and as soon as it recognises danger it will go out of its way to avoid the situation. Anxiety can present itself in several ways from “panic attacks” and phobias (surges of anxiety) to the general underlying feeling of fear and dread without any specific reason.

At Assured Effects Hypnotherapy we deal with the underlying issue that always underpins any anxiety. Once treated the road is clear for an anxiety free life.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help anxiety by getting to the root of the subconscious problem- directly. That problem can be an event from the past or can be the day to day build up of pressure that needs to be released and addressed.

Hypnotherapy can address issues that create the anxiety and can also increase the thresholds of anxiety, ensuring that we can and will embrace situations in new and lighter ways.

It’s all in the mind.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help in so many ways by dealing with the irrational behaviour and beliefs that create anxiety or by dealing with the effects of too much pressure.  Hypnotherapy can form a way forward in recognising the anxiety and dismissing what is not needed or necessary and creating a different more effective perspective.

I feel as if a weight came off my shoulders – it really was quite amazing the difference. I felt so worried all the time before I had the hypnotherapy and it was such a relief when that stopped. And I have recommended it as an anxiety treatment to a few other people. It was not what I expected! But as well as helping me to sort my anxiety out, it also taught me to sit still and just be again. Martha

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