What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of relaxation and concentration in which
awareness is heightened.

Hypnosis is about states of awareness, or alertness. The best way to work with the mind is in an altered state to the usual “got to get this done…and that done” state. Being in a hypnotic trance is very much like daydreaming or meditation. Most people naturally go in and out of hypnosis every day without even thinking about it.

Have you ever found yourself absorbed in a book or watching TV, chatting with friends or loved ones – where time seems to fly by? Or perhaps you’ve been in a boring meeting where every minute seemed like an hour; or remember back when you were a child that night before Christmas or going on holiday when time seemed like forever?!

These are different “trance” states. We go into a trance state every time we are engrossed in an activity. We go into the relaxed “trance” state (which we use in hypnosis) twice a day; drifting off to sleep and waking from sleep – that feeling when you don’t really want to open your eyes and can’t believe the alarm is sounding ..already.

Hypnosis is a process used to reach the sub-conscious mind.

Hypnosis is the last port of call for most people – after everything else has been tried, because it is hard to believe it works. Yet we can notice the temperature in a room and get a jumper if it’s cold. Our subconscious is vast and in percentage terms the subconscious would be at least 99% with the conscious mind being the remaining 1% (if that).

The problem is we develop something called the critical factor (we all have it) at around the age of 4-6. Remember once believing in Father Christmas? Well, then the critical factor comes in and…“how can Father Christmas possibly exist?!” Hypnosis bypasses that “judge” or filter and allows us to choose to believe and accept what the hypnotherapist says; thus going from being terrified of spiders to being not that bothered. We then simply outgrow the old, unnecessary belief system.

When we think of hypnosis it is so easy to imagine a magician dangling a pendulum in front of an audience using the art of mesmerism, making people bark like a dog or sing like Elvis. But people will only do what they want to do in hypnosis. What we cannot do is hypnotise you against your will. Hypnotherapy is first and foremost. about working within the realms of ‘want’, choice and trust.

If you don’t feel safe we can’t do our work. Our “work” is what you want to change. Ultimately you will always be in control . The therapeutic relationship is one of safety and harmony with both parties choosing to enter into a working relationship and choosing to agree to adhere to those boundaries within a contract of trust.

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